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Welcome to Warrior Scholar Martial Arts Leadership Academies

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Dear Visitor, thank you for interest in our martial art. My name is Dan Segarra I started out at the Five Towns Karate Center (warrior-scholar academy) in 1979 a clumsy, bullied and troubled teen raised by a single mom.

The training in the Warrior-Scholar Academy changed my life, I went on to win various tournaments, was on the USA demo team in Seoul Korea 1989 and again in 1995.

I became a certified International Master Instructor and taught around the world, authored three books on the martial arts, was on Good morning America, Fox and was featured in various martial arts magazines, I’ve taught Law Enforcement, Sheriffs, F.B.I agents, been a celebrity bodyguard and much more.

I’ve come a long way from being that clumsy, shy, and troubled child thanks to the martial arts program taught at this school.

I know this school can transform your life, and the lives of your children. I know because I am a result of its teachings. I’ve been training for over 31 years, my wife trains as well as my children.

We all know the positive effect this unique martial art has had on us and we know it can have the same effect on you and your family! As a matter of fact many of our students are Doctors, Lawyers, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, “A” students and everyday people like you and me.

Whether it's for self defense, fitness for yourself or developing your child's confidence, focus and self esteem, our program has had a tremendously powerful impact on the lives of its members and we know it can have a powerful impact on yours too.

Whether your from the Five Towns, Lawrence, Cedarhurst, Woodmere, Inwood, Hewlette, Far Rockway or further out we are worth the trip. We've trained children, teens, men, women grandma's and grandpa's in our unique martial art.

Please click on the links to explore our site and you can sign up for our FREE newsletter, inquire about joining our program. There is plenty of information, video clips, the instructor biography and much more on this site. You can even request a FREE private one on one lesson by filling out the form on this site. Also don't forget to visit our facebook page at

I look forward to helping you reach your personal goals.



President, Internationally certified Master Instructor and author of
Meditation the Secret to Being Peaceful and Confident Anytime, Anywhere.

Special Offer!

Your d ecision to inqure out about our program is a wise one. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours and as a thank you for your interest we would like to offer you a special:

  • 1 Private Lesson with one of our certified instructors
  • An Offical Moo Sa Do Kwan Uniform
  • Website Access to our beginners program
  • A Introductory DVD
  • And a week of Unlimited Classes

For only $29

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Warrior-Scholar Martial Arts (Five Towns Karate) 
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