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The Founder of Moo Sa Do Kwan©

Master Daniel Segarra

Our Headquarters is run by Master Daniel Segarra the founder of Moo Sa Do Kwan, a certified Master instructor and a Seventh Dan (Degree Black Belt).

Master Segarra, started his training in the Korean Martial arts in 1974 at the age of ten. He began his training in Soo Bahk Do/Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan in 1979 at age 15 at the 5 Towns Karate Center under Michael Masely and his first instructor Master Daniel P. Bannard. In 1985 he joined the U.S Soo Bahk Do federation and began training under Grandmaster H.C Hwang and Master Frank Bonsignore.
He attained a fifth Dan Sa Bom (5th degree Black belt level International Master Instructor) In Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan. And was promoted by none other than Grand Master Hwang Kee the founder of the Moo Duk Kwan himself after the infamous Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa, Soo Bahk Do’s legendary eight day long masters test.

Master Segarra has taught around the world on Grandmaster Hwang Kee’s behalf and has assisted him with many of his English publications and productions. He served on the U.S Soo Bahk Do Federations Board of directors (1999-2002) and was the regional representative for all of New York, New Jersey,Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Master Segarra has trained many tournament champions and was on the 1989 and 1995 U.S.A Demo team demonstrating in Korea. He was often in high demand to teach at Federation functions. Masters from around the world have stopped by and trained at the Warrior-Scholar academy (5 Towns Karate Center) from, Mexico, France, Belgium, Israel and from all over the United States to train with him

In 1989 he changed the name of our school from the Five Towns Karate Center to the Warrior-Scholar Academy. This was done to better reflect our goals and philosophy. Master Segarra feels a martial arts organization focus and function should be to serve its members. In July of 2004 he resigned from the U.S Soo Bahk Do federation after 20 years of being a member and Master instructor of the Moo Duk Kwan, to do just that, better serve his members.

In addition to his traditional martial arts training, he was certified as a tactical master instructor specializing in Personal safety, family protection and child safety. He is also a certified Protection specialist trained by the International Training Commission in: Executive Protection, Bodyguarding, Bomb & Threat Management, Counter-Terrorist Techniques, Protection formations and Tactical Firearms.
Master Segarra trained regularly with the late Sifu Larry Hartsell who was one of Bruce Lee’s original students when he visited CT. He trained with Sifu Hartsell in Bruce Lee’s methods, Filipino weaponry, Indonesia martial arts and Sifu Hartsells specialty Grappling. He credits Sifu Hartsell as being an inspiration to him as a martial artist.

Tom Patire also has been an important influence in Master Segarra’s martial arts development. Master Patire is one of the most recognized and respected safety experts in the world. Master Segarra was also have been fortunate to train with Vladimir Vasiliev the preeminent Russian Special forces hand to hand combat instructor for the elite Spetnaz military unit when he visits the U.S. Although he has trained decades with some instructors and on a limited basis with others they all have profoundly influenced his understanding of the martial arts. As you can see Master Segarra has a background that is both deep and wide, it helps him bring to the table traditional values and modern applications so badly needed for today’s challenging times. “The martial arts have been a powerful positive force in my life. The gift of knowledge my instructors have shared with me has changed my life and the lives of my students for the better. Grand Master’s Hwang Kee, H.C Hwang, Masters Bonsignore, Bannard, Tom Patire, Sifu Hartsell and Vladimir Vlasiev and the many other wonderful people I have had the pleasure to train with have had a profoundly positive influence on my life. I can’t think of anyone who could not benefit enormously from martial arts training, it is invaluable.

I have taken my thirty years of martial arts training and developed a system called Moo Sa Do Kwan (T.M) it is the synthesis of my martial arts experiences and combines what I feel is the best of my martial arts experiences into a comprehensive system that can take you step by step from beginner to master.
I have developed not only an effective system of self defense and personal protection, but also a style that teaches you how to protect your loved ones as well. And we teach not just a system of self defense but literally a philosophy that can improve the quality of your life, using mental and physical technologies that draw upon both ancient tradtions and modern science. This gives you the most comprehensive martial art developed to meet the demands of modern times.”
– Master Daniel Segarra

A short list of accomplishments;
• Began Martial Arts at the Age of 9 in 1974
• Began Training in Tang Soo Do July 1979
• Longest running professional full time Korean martial arts school in the United States.
• First Martial arts website on the internet (1988 warrior-scholar B.B self hosted, then compuserve, then A.O.L which evolved to 1996) Master Daniel Segarra
• U.S.A Demo Team Seoul Korea 1989 Masters Daniel P. Bannard & Master Daniel Segarra
• Hosted Belgium Team
• voted top three best martial arts website by Martial Arts World Magazine
• Hosted 1992 Mexican Moo Duk Kwan members
• Board of Directions U.S Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation1992-2002
• Hosted International 1993 Children’s Demo Team
• 1994 Won first Place Masters competition in CT Tang Soo Do Tournamant
• U.S.A Demo team 1995 – Master Daniel Segarra, Mr. Milo Avidane & Mr. Kelly Rodgers
• 2000 Won Masters sparring competition U.S National Tournament
• 2001 Certified Protection specialist, Bodyguard, Tactical Shooter & threat management.
• 2001 Inside Edition counterterrorist television segment
• 2002 Good Morning America counter terrorist television segment
• 2002 Translation of the Moo Do Chor Hak (Martial arts philosophy book by Grandmaster Hwang Kee)
• 2003 Taught U.S Marshalls self defense- Master Daniel Segarra
• 2004 Published ‘Meditation the Secret to being peaceful and confident anytime, anywhere’
• Over 100 students promoted to Dan (Black belt/Midnight Blue Belt) from 1969-2009
• 2005 Published ‘Moo Sa Do white belt DVD’
• 2006 Created internet video instruction site
• 2007 Taught Hand to hand knife defense and fire arms disarms to executive protection specialists
• 2007 Taught NYPD police officers Moo Sa Do Self Defense
• Security detail for Grammy Awards
• Certified Child Safety Expert
• 2009 Published ‘From Tang Soo Do to Moo Sa Do’
• 2009 Published ‘Moo Sa Do White Belt Manual’
• 2009 Instructor of the Year Award
• 2010 Featured in England’s #1 martial arts magazine Combat March Issue
• 2010 Featured in England’s #1 martial arts magazine Tae Kwon Do April Issue
• 2010 Featured in England’s #1 martial arts magazine Combat May Issue
• 2010 Published Secrets of the Ship Sam Seh
• 2011 Featured in Tae Kwon Do Magazine Feb Issue

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