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Imagine in the not so distant future you, your child, your family learning the secrets to improve the quality of your lives & the skills to make your life safer™

  • Imagine your child with improved focus, respect, self esteem, confidence and discipline.
  • Imagine yourself more focused, relaxed, centered, healthier and confident.
  • Imagine you, your child and loved ones able to deal with bully’s and life’s dangers with confidence, focus and masterful skills.
  • Well all this can happen & much, much more when you join the Warrior-Scholar Martial Arts, Karate & Self Defense Academy in Lawrence N.Y

At Warrior-Scholar Martial Arts in Lawrence, NY we have been teaching all ages and sizes since 1968. Each class is customized for specific age groups and development levels.


Children & Teens

For younger members we emphasize the values that YOU the parent want in your child or teen, they make friends, have fun and learn the tools and techniques to be more successful in school, socially and in life.


For our adult members we teach you in an step by step manner that you will find easy and enjoyable not frustrating and uncomfortable. You will learn to be more focused, centered, calm and confident.

You will learn skills that not only make you feel good about yourself but teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Students in our program learn to explore their potential while strengthening their respect, Discipline and focus while learning to defend themselves in a safe, clean, fun environment. THAT is our focus in our unique martial arts program at the Warrior-Scholar Academy in Lawrence N.Y

Well all this can happen & much, much more when you join the Warrior-Scholar Martial Arts, Karate & Self Defense Academy in Lawrence N.Y.

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karatekidKid’s Martial Arts, Karate & Self Defense Ages 3-6 & 7-12

If you want to improve your child’s confidence, self esteem, attitude or their level of physical fitness, then you’ve come to the right place. We provide a fun, safe atmosphere and we’ve been teaching children since 1968. We have two separate Tots and Children’s program.



karateteenTeens Martial Arts, Karate & Self Defense

Our Teen program is a great way for your teen to learn the self confidence to say “NO” to the negative things in their challenging Teenage years and say “YES” to becoming more Disciplined, Respectful and Successful in whatever they do.



giljumpsideAdult Martial Arts, Karate & Self Defense

Our Adult program offers much more than a Gym. Not only will you become more fit and flexible, you will also learn how to relieve stress and learn to protect yourself and your loved ones against today’s dangers