Teens Desperately Need:
A Daily Physical Activity
A Fun Emotional Outlet
A Balanced Daily Routine
Positive Social Interaction
You Need
Now More Than Ever!
Our Program Will Provide Your Teens
With All This and Much More!


  • A secure and convenient way for you or your kids to use all that "excess energy" both at our Academy and in the safety of your own home.

  • A one-on-one, personal, private introduction "intro-class."

  • A private lesson with a licensed Warrior Scholar Martial Arts Academy Instructor.

  • Two classes at our Academy a week and unlimited online classes. 

  • Full access to our online Martial Art Training University for your beginner level.

  • Our member app with online lessons you can view from any smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • A written beginner level syllabus/curriculum.

We are so confident that you will love our classes that we are giving you Money Back Guarantee. Try us for a week and if it's not for you we will refund your $29

We guarantee that you will love what we do.


  • We are the oldest martial arts school in the USA established at this very location in 1968

  • We are currently teaching 2nd generation students. Meaning we are teaching the children of the children that started with us decades ago. They love us so much they are bringing in their kids.

  • Certified Master Level instructors lead by Master Daniel Segarra 8th Degree Black Belt.

  • Beautiful clean modern yet traditional studio. Not just traditional but using interactive technologies to enhance your training. Wait till you you see it for yourself.

  • Serving the community for over 51 years!


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