Please support your school.

Dear student I hope this finds you well in this challenging time. We miss all of you and want to assure you we are working incredibly hard to stay connected and keep you training. Right now everyone is trapped at home with little or nothing to do.


Don't worry we are here for you. Master Segarra is now teaching live classes three times a day mon to friday:
3 PM beginner children 4 PM intermediate Children and 6 PM adults and teens.


Students are LOVING this new service. Currently to watch you simply need to go to our facebook page: to watch the live classes. 

To participate in the Zoom classes were you and the instructor can see each other and interact. Click here


In addition we have a new ONLINE training group. Just go to our facebook page and join the group we will approve you and then you will have access to hours and hours of instructional videos, books on meditation, audio books, coloring pages, word searches, printable games, personal improvement courses and SO MUCH MORE!


There will be two types of people coming through this; the ones that will waste the time they are given and the warriors that will use this time to improve themselves and come out with better skills and better mental and physical health.


In closing we ask that you please continue to financially support your school so we can have a home for you when this crisis is over, hopefully in a few weeks.


Our school was opened in 1968 and we made it through hurricane Sandy and with support from each of you we will continue that legacy for you and your children for years to come.


Our best to you and yours. We miss you, we love you and hope to see you in our online classes & group.



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