Quarantined Kids?
Quarantined Kids Desperately Need:
A Daily Physical Activity
A Fun Emotional Outlet
A Balanced Daily Routine
Positive Social Interaction
You Need
Now More Than Ever!
Our Online Program Will Provide Your Kids
With All This and Much More!


  • A secure and convenient way for you or your kids to use all that "excess energy" in the safety of your own home.

  • A one-on-one, personal, private introduction "intro-class."

  • Fully interactive live training with a licensed Warrior Scholar Martial Arts Academy Instructor on a weekly set schedule. All classes are lead by, monitored by and taught by our team right in your own home.

  • Online training up to THREE times a week.

  • Full access to our online Martial Art Training University for your beginner level.

  • Our member app with online lessons you can view from any smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • A written beginner level syllabus/curriculum.

We are so confident that you will love our classes that we are giving you a WEEK FREE for you to get a feel of our training.  We hope you will fall in love with our classes and continue on with us for a long time afterward.


We guarantee that you will love what we do.


ONLY $29.99!