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The Seven Responsibilities

As martial artists we have certain responsibilities to ourselves, our style, our school, our instructors and martial arts in general. These responsibilities will help us get the most out of our training, progress as quickly as possible, and be the best we can be.

The Five responsibilities of a student

Recently I was reflecting on what makes a great student and a future master and I came up with the following five responsibilities:

1- Masterful Manners - A student must have masterful manners for a multitude of reasons most importantly when learning an art as deadly as Moo Sa Do we must have Masterful manners so we avoid unnecessary conflicts. Bad manners should never be the cause of a Martial Artist to have use their art against another.

2- Masterful Energy - If you don't have energy you can't do anything. As martial artists we need to be able to motivate ourselves and raise our energy, calm ourselves, release stress and anger and put %100 into what we do.

3- Masterful Motion - What ever we do we should always strive to do it better and more Masterfully.

4- Be an example - We people have a party, celebration etc. They often get cleaned up and dressed nicely, be on their best behavior etc. They want to set a good example. We should do the same in all that we do. Setting a positive Masterful example we attract likeminded people in our lives. Knuckleheads attract knuckleheads, Losers attract losers. Be a winner and set a Masterful example for others and you will attract more positive things in your life.

5- Spread the art - Whenever you share a skill it strengthens that skill within you. I would not be half the martial artist I am if I did not teach, share and spread the art. You cannot get to the higher levels by yourself alone you must share!

In addition to the 5 Student responsibilities Teachers have two more;

6- Teach the art - Teaching is an art unto itself. You learn to Master yourself and communicate with others on a whole new level.

7- Protect the art - Teachers also must protect the art by making sure it's represented properly with quality students and helping it grow.  

Quality and Growth will equal a bright future for our art.

These 5 responsibilities must be reflected in your every move and action inside and outside the martial arts school. Look at any masterful presentation and you will see these 5 principles. They are signposts on the road to mastery.

These Seven principles are prevalent in the most successful organizations. 

Take Disney for example. You go to Disney world and:

1- Everyone is polite and projecting an image of the 'happiest place on earth'

2- Everyone is energetic.

3- Everyone does their job Masterfully.

4- All the workers are examples of the Disney work ethic.

5- They all spread the goodwill of Disney which is contagious.

6- When working at Disney you have to be trained by a teacher to learn the roles, responsibilities and work ethic of Disney.

7- Everyone protects that image.

You can see that image in Microsoft, apple and many other large organizations and small successful businesses.

So I hope you apply these responsibilities. They will help you grow as a Martial artist and a person.

See you in class!


About the Author

Master Daniel R. Segarra is a 7th Degree Black Belt in the Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do. He has been training for over 40 years and teaches at the Warrior-Scholar Martial Arts Academy located at 298 Lawrence Ave in Lawrence N.Y Five Towns Area.

Warrior-Scholar Martial Arts Academy has been teaching Men, Women, Teens & Children our unique Martial Art for over 50 years! Oldest KMA school in the USA! Serving the 5 Towns, Far Rockaway, Lawrence, Inwood, Cedarhurst, Hewlett, Rosedale, Woodmere, East Rockaway, Rockville Centre, Arverne, Oceanside for over five decades!

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